Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kids Quote

"I serve because ‘those who can, do; those who can’t, teach’. Now, after a year, ask my kids if they know how to change the world. I know I have"

- Jose

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great Moments at a Stand Still

Sometimes so many great moments happen but I lose inspiration to write them. Like I'm not supposed to. Or like I don't want to. But it's happiness. However, it's not always like that. It's crazy. I want the book to come out but it doesn't seem like it's moving anywhere. I am my thoughts, and I need to get out of this ditch. I'm driving smooth now...

Be smooth.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I do my best to become the best.

I learn about myself and try to improve everyday.

Sometimes I take breaks because I just break.
Broken, so I piece my peace.

I can be at ease.

I search for Me.

That's free.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm new, like I knew.
This true, like dew.
So I flew, never few.
I keep due, but never due
What i don't want to.
This is clues.
Do you know the truth?

Monday, September 7, 2009


(Taken from 'Small Miracles')

"Blessed one," they cried out to him,"are you a God?"

"No," he answered.

"Are you an angel?"
"Are you a prophet?"

"No, I am simply awake."

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I can not speak what's on my mind because my thoughts are as plenty as the stars.
That is why I stay quiet and enjoy the peace because if I was to share a piece of myself it would get lost.
Or broken, in the hands of another.
Don't you know its better to hold on to your entity so entirely everything is somewhere to be found.
But when you're lost the signs don't make it simpler.
So guide me, guide me.
I'll be quiet and listen because I'm tired of opening my book to pages once left blank.
Not because I didn't know what to say but because I didn't want anyone reading between the lines.
So keep turning the pages or better yet close my book.
I'm editing myself so each line you read will be what is behind the whiteouts.
But for now I'll let the air hold my words.
I won't share. I won't.
Not even if you ask.
I understand that goes against my policy.
"Ask and I shall tell" but it just aint happening no more.
Not for some time.
I apologies but I need to dream away some days.
I'll wake in due time.


Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm enjoying my life right now. I think its going in the right direction.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mom's Advice

"You should really get your stuff published. They're good." - Mom

Wow, maybe I am good. I think I finally have a fire to keep burning. I might just finish my book sooner. woo.!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


hi, im new to this place
i'll take my shoes off so i wont
walk all over it
ill take good care and make sure
that it stays in one piece
thanks for loaning me your heart
ill take care of it

i was bored lol sorry

hello, im new to this home
i thought i might stop by and help you pay rent
seems like you have cats
i love cats
maybe we can share
just like you can share your heart
if you want to, you can check my last apartments,
if you wish
all my payments were on time
it was just that they didn't like my garden
the roses were too pure and too red for them
maybe you can help me trim them
and keep them healthy
No longer are you apart of my reality.
I am the new addition to your fantasy.

Always you are not part of my reality.
Fantasy I am new to your additions.
So that means you're subtracting.
And that equals a single answer.


Definitely not the way we use green. Lol.

5. not fully developed or perfected in growth or condition; unripe; not properly aged: This peach is still green.
6. unseasoned; not dried or cured: green lumber.
7. immature in age or judgment; untrained; inexperienced: a green worker.
8. simple; unsophisticated; gullible; easily fooled.
9. fresh, recent, or new: an insult still green in his mind.
10. having a sickly appearance; pale; wan: green with fear; green with envy.
11. full of life and vigor; young: a man ripe in years but green in heart.
12. environmentally sound or beneficial: green computers.
13. [ ]
14. [.............]
Source :
My open ears & arms sometime seem to be met with nothingness.
I know we should give & expect nothing in return, but I sometimes experience a sour feeling.
I guess it can be described as me being green.

All I can do is be grateful that there is One greater than all of us whom I can give my burdens to.

Yep, I`ve gone from green to grateful in a moments notice.


Sometimes I close my arms so I can hold on to space and time. But instead all I can hug is emptiness that's supposed to be a presence. And I can't wonder when its going to be filled.

But I am grateful that I have the CHANCE to still be able to hold on to something, when there are those who only hold on to their other hand six feet under.

Yep, I`ve [also] gone from green to grateful in a moments notice.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Somehow being tied down always adds more responsibility and another life to worry about.

Yet, not being tied down but knowing titles will come soon makes different events just that different. If you hang out with other people I've never met it scares me. I might lose you but at the same time, I can say I don't really care. I can always move on with life alone. Sometimes there is just not enough time to make up my mind.

Somehow being tied down sometimes feels as good as the heavens.

But sometimes its just something that I don't even want to go through.


When is letting go ever easy?
There are usually two ends of the process.
You`re either being let go or doing the letting.
Is it possible that they are both equally as painful as the other?
If in most cases it`s inevitable that this is the final destination, would we start relationships in the first place?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Such a loving heart surrounded by a wall of hatred. Passion corrupted by anger. A gentle soul forced into a dark hole. This is what lies within." - E.

Sometimes I stop myself in the middle of life and think...
Why am I MAD?

I burn red inside like the core of the earth.
And I have a Sun that burns so my days are always bright.
And I have the Moon that keeps me company so I can write at night.
And I have the Planets that keep me in the right direction.
And I have this thing I call a Volcano when I can't take anymore of this thing I call...

I can't say it out loud or the people that are asleep will awaken and realize the true things that lie within...I'm burning...let me breath so I can get some air...Oh wait, won't that keep the fire burning...
I could give about a BAJILLION reasons why that`s ALL bad.
It`s the worst.
I think I`m getting worry warts.
This could be the end of the world as we know it.

My Phone Just DIED.


I realized why I talk a lot....because I want people to know.

To know more than they did know what I didn't so they'll be aware of life.

But in the end it ends up becoming a "fact" that I "talk too much".


Once Been Told Pt 3

Great Moment:

I was told, "I'm older than you and you've taught me something."

Today I was driving around with 'O'. After getting some food from McDonalds I decided to stop by the Gas Station across the street. I went to get something to drink (an Arizona Half & Half Palmer Ice Tea) and to get some gas. When we got there an older man was sitting by one of the pumps. He had the look as all others who are like him. "Do you have some spare change?" I could read that question in his eyes. And I thought, "sorry, I have nothing." All this happened without any words being said, yet, we both understood what the other was saying. Before I head in he yells, "I'm just trying to get something to eat." "I understand. So am I."

I walk inside and pay for the drinks and the gas. I head back to the car with O behind me. Before I start pumping the car I give the man some spare change, as though an Irony for the sense I later shared with him. Then I begin explaining "Great Moments" to O. The man is still sitting where I first met him. I finish my explanation of Great Moments to O and the man suddenly says, "Sorry, I was listening to the conversation and I'm not understanding what you mean by what you're saying." So I decide to explain Great Moments again. At first its hard to explain it to him, but in the end he understands. "So ok, for example, since you gave me some money would that be a Great Moment?" "Is that a Great Moment for you." "I don't know, is it for you?" "Yes, I like giving. I enjoy that." "Ok, that's a bad example." So he begins to try to give another example. I stop him and say, "This right here is a Great Moment." "Why?" So I explain to him that how many people can say in their life they have stopped to have a good conversation. They have paused their day to have a good conversation. He begins to understand and we converse on the importance of knowledge. We talk about being "fruitful" and not in the sense that "they're just going around having sex" but in the sense that the mind is a seed. We must plant our own knowledge in other people because if we keep it to ourselves then it is dying. So after a while O and I cease the conversation and begin to get in the car.

Before I left he yells, "This is a Great Moment."

Time. T i m e. TIME.

For all those time-haters out there,
I challenge you to imagine a world without time.

S e t.

What`d you come up with?

Once Been Told Pt. 2 - My Experience

I was told that my sister & I were gonna be STARS.
Some random lady, I dont remember but mom said so.
SO I`ll continue to take it as so.
I wonder if those talent shows we won were the extent of that "stardom", because I can`t see it from my end.
Maybe sister.

= ]

"Seems Like Streetlights Glowing Happen To Be Like Moments Passing"

It happened by accident.
Didn`t mean for it to happen.
I didn`t ask for the passion,
For the intensity when you look at me.
I don`t want it.
But I need it.
They say we get those we need not who we want,
So I guess I have to take it.
I guess I have to breathe in it,
Learn it, get comfortable.
But I`m scared.

There, I said it.

That doesn`t make it any easier though.
I don` t feel any lighter.
If anything it`s weighing me down even more.
Why did destiny have to choose me?
Let me stop fronting!
I`m glad it chose me.
Otherwise I`d be ignorant to the passion,
The intensity in your eyes.
The lack of gravity there is when I`m with you.
I wouldn`t understand the concept behind Soulmate.
You could be mine, someday.
But until then, I`ll give you time.

There, I said it.

Time to regroup and grow.
So you can be your best.
It`ll also give me time,
To accomplish what I need to.
Time is the only thing that stands between.
It occupies the space between the moment I let you go to let you grow
And the moment I can rest in our security.
You`re more than worth the wait.

There, I said it.

I`ll be waiting.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Once Been Told

I once was told my 'future' by someone that overheard my mother and I having a conversation.

Before she had left she said,
"You're either going to be in business, law or in politics.
I'll remember your face because I'll be seeing it alot."
"Have a good day," I yelled at her as she was walking away.
"Have a great life."


The more I don't think of her...the more freedom I have.

The more I think of her...the more I fall for her (again and again).


I know why I'm holding back...because I'm not ready to love her even though I'm blindly in Love with her.

I am more in Love with her than she thinks. And I don't want to admit to it because she might leave once she knows the truth.

I want to lie to her so she can stay longer but that's not the right thing to do. I'm continously building my wall and I can't stop until I begin to realize (and understand) the intensity of her Love.

We shall see...

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm burning red the lava that lives within.....once I explode I wonder what will happen next.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 2, 2009

Great Moment: Brother / Sister time....Listening to Welcome to Detroit and making it better.

Too much thinking.

Sometimes I think that when she says babe, there's gonna be an end to my sidewalk....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Life (lost)

When they argue the kids hide.

I just listen and slowly die with each word being said.

I don't know what to do,
Or if there is anything I can do.

She deserves so much more and he needs to find someone else.

Why am I in the middle even if it's not an argument about me anymore?

She works forever, he tries to work for forever.
It's tiring.
I can't do's killing me.

I want to live in this house.
As a brother, as a son, as a supporter.
Why can't we move....

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I realized that my life is a secret. Only because no one wants to really understand me. I talk too much. I listen too much. I care too much. I dislike too much. So in the end of you trying to understand me you get lost in my words. You get lost in my meaning. You get lost in what I’m trying to convey. So who do I have left, no one. That is why I have my own accomplishments, my own deaths, my own achievements, my own fails, my own trials and tribulations but most importantly my own joys. And I’m not trying to make it seem like a “sappy,” “no one cares about me” story. But really, when is the last time you’ve seen me happy. Yesterday, maybe? Well, when is the last time you’ve known, really known, understood, that I was happy. You don’t, and its not your fault. It’s mine. I hate to fail. I hate to know about myself. I hate to realize my potential because I can be powerful and I am. I hate to realize my detriments because it just hurts and I can't deal with the pain. So in the end I'm dying to live even though living can feel like I'm dying. So I'm just in a cycle of psychological misunderstanding or maybe I think too much and I drown in my thoughts. Either way, I have no one. Who do you have? Enjoy them while you can.


Donald Trump

Hello, My name is Jose Robinson. I am a 19 year old Detroit resident.

I am writing to you on behalf of myself and my BestFriend Eboni Moore, who is also a 19 year old Detroit resident. My BestFriend and I will be hosting picnics and we are extending an invitation and we hope you can make it.

We have realized the loss of the legendary Michael Jackson. In that, we have thought that if he was invited to our picnics the world could still have him a little longer on this beautiful Earth. We know you may think this is farfetched but we believe in that idea truly and dearly. Thus, we would like to meet you and be in your presense before anything happens to any of us. Life is too short and we want to grasp on to as much as possible.

We believe you are a wonderful person and we're sure if you are in attendance you would enjoy life so much more. We would appreciate it if you took time out to read this and respond.Our Picnics will be located on Belle Isle in Detroit. The date is to be whenever you set it, as we know you are busy. All we wish to have is an hour, or two, to just talk and enjoy what others oversee; good company. In that, I want to end by saying thank you (if you took the time to read this) and that we can't wait to see you at the Picnic. We will be expecting you.

You can reach us at:

Yours in Peace,
Jose Robinson
Eboni Moore

Texts in Roman Times Something New

My kisses taste better than chocolates.
They taste like rainbows.
More colors together to create black.
So white that we are the only channels people will see on tv.
We don’t tell lies through vision.
We vision the lies people tell to break us.
We don’t break up, we make up.
Color the pale that makes us ghost.
Makes us leave each other.
Soon as I get back we’ll never leave each other.
We are martyrs without the pain.
We gain range to change when rain stains.
We cry through the sky because we rely on the pride we hold inside.
I abide in your home because mi casa es tu casa
I will be home soon.
My kisses taste like starburst.
A burst of passion.
Starting on the lips lingering down to the soul.
You feel it inside, intense like my love.
Sending you into dreams.
Dreams of us together.
Kissing one another.
My kisses combined with yours causes electricity.
I spark you as you touch me.
Eager, we seem to connect.
Never letting go.
Finally our hearts are whole.
No separation, isolation.
We cling in desperation.
Never knew our love was so breath taking.
Accomplished at last.
We stand together, stronger than before.
Willing to last forever.
My love, your love.
Separate no more. We are lovers till the end.
The end it better be, or you will feel the wrath of wil ol’ me.
You drive me to live.
Or else I’d go off course.
You give me a heart that actually drives to live.
She is my broken heart because she recreated it.
She made it whole.
Creating a new cycle that was delightful.
Inside glow, she makes me shine.
Makes me rhyme when I can.
Can me for days of destruction.
Then when I’m needed I’ll be ready.
And all you have to do is open me.
You open me.
I am the flowers.
I want you to count them so petals petal faster and faster.
Until I become dizzy of your image.
Your image is all I want to dream of.
I dream of goodnight moon wondering how sunshine is going to wake up.
I wish I could see you, see you I wish.
To be together till there is no more I wish.
I wish to be yours.
To inspire you more until your words are my words.
We are words.
We create stories just to remake fables and make them true.
We are true.
Wasn’t supposed to fall for you like this.
So quick, so deep.
In love I believe.
My feelings so strong.
Connection, unbreakable.
How can you make me feel so beautiful?
Just by kissing my lips.
Sweet kisses of love that last for eternity.
Even when we pull away.
Longing for one more just to get through the night.
Heart beating so swiftly.
Blood flowing elsewhere; your brain isn’t functioning.
Your mind is on me.
The things we can do if you just relax.
I’ll take us there, you just enjoy.
Entries of pleasure.
The words just roll off my tongue.
The actions from your fingertips.
Exploring every inch.
Uncontrolled movements.
Biting of the lip, eyes closed as we reach the next level.
You make me. You make me.
See you create the person I am.
The person I want to be.
The you I want to be with.
You make me.
You make me and if you break me you’ll find a piece of you inside.
You make me.
He is…my relaxation; temptation.
To give him my all, my heart.
Overflow of love.
He is…caring; deserving of everything I have to offer, and more.
My better is better than your all.
My all rocks his socks.
He is…protection; from destruction of my heart.
The keeper of my love.
Where my soul goes to rest.
He is…a must have; what I lust for, in mind and body.
Stimulating my muscles.
The way my mind thinks.
He is…what I can’t let go of.
Refuse to.
He is mine, my heart, my soul.
The connection that shall not be broken.
The love that can’t be tainted.
He is to me what I am to him.
A completion to life.


I'm dying to live. What are you dying for?

E.B. and J.R.

Crazy Smazy Lazy Hazy Daisy. Maisy Jay Z. AZ. Jay D. Hehe. You’re cool. Glad I met you that day way back when… Way back when petals pedaled Sped faster than light so memories could hold still Cheese, it melts when time goes too fast So here we are going way back when when going back was way gone Forgotten and left to make room for more smiles It’s all trials to see whose still in file when the battle has just begun Run, run, run back into time to way back when Way back when, remember way back when…

My Letter to the Marines

To Whom It May Concern: Hello, I hope this gets to you in good health. My name is Jose Robinson and I am writing on my being of discharged from the Marine Corps. As much as I enjoy the idea of serving “the proud, the few, the Marines” I think I have found another course for my life. I am hopeful that it will work out for me. I apologize for being of inconvenience to you and the Marines as a whole. My reasons for requesting discharge are that I have been accepted to a University and I have decided to do another year of City Year. I have been accepted to the University of Detroit Mercy. In the beginning of last year I was unsure of my college/university plans. However, I was accepted and I have a greater chance of paying for it now, thanks to City Year. I am more confident in my chances and my financial aid that I will definitely take the opportunity that is open to me. I have already discussed it with the University of Detroit Mercy and the school has granted me admission as soon as I plan to attend it. With the University of Detroit Mercy I plan on graduating with a degree in Architecture and Engineering. I have decided to complete another year in City Year. This program has enticed my appetite to serve. I have always had the need to serve. That is why I once chose to serve with the Marine Corps. However, I have found a place in City Year. Being with City Year has opened my eyes to all the opportunities that there are in non-profits. With the training and knowledge I’ve received from this program I will be able to open doors that have once been closed to a male like me. I plan on doing another year with City Year Detroit. I have accepted their open arms with great gratitude. The University of Detroit Mercy has a space for my name on the Admissions list. I will pursue my educational career in order to receive the best schooling for future indications. With City Year I will continue on my path towards service. I will continue to “be the change in the world”. I have found my calling and I am just getting started. I do want to thank you for the opportunities I was given with the Marines. Yours in Peace, Jose Robinson

Sister's Birthday

I want to say that April 29th is my Sister's Birthday. She is four years old and a genious at that young an age. I heard that she always asks about me and I wonder how often. It's been a couple months since I've seen her. Since I've moved to Miami I only speak to her every so often. Even when I lived in Detroit I barely saw her. I do miss her. I remember days when I would take care of her after school, just like she was my own daughter. I felt it was my duty to provide for her and take care of her...But it didn't work out. Now, more often than not, I ask myself does she remember me? Sometimes I don't believe it but maybe it's because I feel bad for not being around. Just last week she asked me if I was her "big brother". And I was shocked. I didn't really know what to say. But I quickly thought about it and I came up with this answer, "Yes, of course I am. Are you my little sister?" As quickly as I asked she responded, "Yes, ok bye..." She is one funny person. I love her and I wish her the best. I just talked to my mother today and I asked her how my sister was feeling about her birthday. My mother told me that she asks her if she was still 4 years old. I can't believe what she says. It's just amazing. She reminds me of an old soul inside a young body. Sometimes I hope she stays the way she is because I worry this world is not for her, or she is not for this world. She is so much better and deserves a safer, more comfortable place than what this society is becoming. Either way, I can't wait to go back home and say, "Hi, little sister. I love you. Let's talk about life..." I know she'll understand. She's just brilliant, and she'll shine like a star, but she'll never roam too far from home. One


Somehow it's scary the way we think, the way we live and the way we survive. There are 15 percent of the population that is depressed will commit suicide.

Finding the Junky Man

Today I met a friend, with a linky body, a jawhead and his daddy's name was Shaq. He was pretty smart but not good looking. His old friends were always tigers. But now he's so happy that he has us as a friend. He makes no one want to be around him because he beats everyone in Basketball. He makes them feel bad because they're not tall. And most people say he might be more than 8 feet tall. That's like a house or an apartment. He is really tall and can touch the rim easily. His name is Jimmy. He is 19 years old. He is taller than this man named Jose. He has a familiar voice that I know. And I think I know who he is. He looks like a person I used to always see at the beach every summer. Afterwards, I don't see him anymore but I always hear his voice. His voice sounds like a raspy dog or cranking a car. That man is Patrick. (Made by J.W. who is a student of mine. Proud to have had the time to talk with him today.)

The Intelligent Kids

I realize that kids are geniuses. Yes, they are intelligent. They have so much imagination, charisma and potential. At a young age, they are able to create things and imagine like there's no tomorrow. As you grow older you tend to lose that imagination due to the reality that is brought upon by "growing up". You must become "mature" and understand the level of ignorance must not grow, or so we are taught. We're also taught to never judge. Yet, in this society we judge by the sense one holds through conversation and intelligence, through either interaction or a piece of paper. If you look around you'll find that the students I talk to will amaze you. They know not what reality can stop them from doing. So they dream BIG...and I still do. I know it's a possibility to do anything in this world. So I stay 10 years old instead of being 19. ONE

Starfish Story

(starfish stories are just stories that have either inspired us, as City Year Corps Members, and have made ripples, an effect that affects one positive after another. You can always have more than one, and you usually have tons, due to the sublimity of its effect. ) My Starfish story begins in the beginning of the year. Looking back I have noticed just the dramatic change of different students. T is one of those students. In the beginning of the year she was very shy and timid. Throughout the tutoring sessions she did not want to be in the spotlight and be asked to answer questions. As the year progressed she began to open up. Now her shell has been broken. She is also in my Starfish team. I enjoy having her around. She is so uplifting and helpful to the team. She knows how to interact with everyone on the team. Her smile just makes the day so much better. It’s just amazing how much she has changed since the beginning. From not wanting to be asked to answer a question to raising her hand for anything she knows the answers too. I’m so proud of her. I remember wondering how I was going to teach her to enjoy sharing with the group. All I have done is persistently ask her to share and continue with the bond that has now become “hello Big Brother Fat”. Yes, I am proud and honored to be her brother. I can’t wait to see how she’ll be in the future.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fire Works

If you saw the fireworks tonight you probably saw the sky light up.

Did you see a great moment?
Did you look to your left and your right?

Was it fam?
Was it friends?
Was it her or him?

Either way, I just want to share this quote,
"It's not about the activity or the journey. It's about who goes through it with you."

Enjoy the lights. Just keep on living.

Happy Birthday Mom.!

It's been 19 years. I'm glad to be alive.
Thanks for making that possible.
Much Love.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


One Inmate Is Murdered Every Week. - History Channel

First is Always Good. But it takes a follower to Lead

This blog will be set for information I wish to share.

I will be posting events, or interesting facts, or little things about life that I find I should share with the world, or just you.

I hope you enjoy.

(F.I.Y. : The other Blog will be set up for Poetry/Arts only.)