Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living Contradiction

There's this time in everyone's life where they wonder what they're doing in this life of theirs. How long will you survive? When will you? Once your destiny is fulfilled will you leave this earth? These questions are all in your past. Your destiny is to live. To be. To enjoy. Not in your memories of being first born but in your life changing, life saving memories. The memories that stay from an earlier after-life and will continue in your own after-life. It is like a tip handed down generation after generation. Something to help you along the way but in the end it is simple. You can have this information but all the help you really need is in your heart. As long as that continues your body will continue. Your thoughts will live. But you gotta learn to let go of your past, because moving on is better than going backwards or standing still. And that means focusing on right NOW.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lost in the Path of Now

Lost souls go where they think they belong
Out in space
Somewhere in between stars

I'm lost
Like the North Star
Until someone finds me, but I don't know
Why so many people are pointing at me

Maybe it's the reflection of a facade
But truely, it's broken
So no one can really see through

I just need to put them together
So I can get what I want
And see what I want

I will be free
Like the wind that holds no course
I just want to l e a v e

goodbye, I will be back when I've found . . .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wear Purple 10/20/2010

I apologize, all I have for purple today

Is a pencil

And I wish I could sketch your dreams

Build people’s reality into accepting more than just colors

They say purple is royalty

They say purple is for the spirit

Rainbows just color the sky when it’s rained enough to wash away pain

I know our president is black

But still people’s minds are in gray scale

Can’t you tell between darkness and freedom?

Or have we been enslaved again?

Only this time, there are no color lines

Just a crooked line trying to live in a world of straights

But that’s because lines were never made to connect

Unless you make a box and you see how easy it is to lose focus

Circle your eyes, I mean, really

Encircle your eyes in the truth so you can stop seeing bullshit

Decipher or cipher your scrambled thoughts

That have never quite cracked perfectly

Because how can you get built up by an army of hatred

So here’s my haiku answer;

Some do not believe

But every day is yours

And you will survive

You’ll never die as long as your heart holds love

And I love you, even if no one else does

Because just like you I’m a minority




Architectural Engineer

And so on

So you see, we’re all the same

We all have our own language and realize religion is just praising GOD

And a family can be borrowed, especially if you’ve never had one

A house is just the home where your heart lives

Now if only everyone knew Knew that if you just accept the color purple

You can see the rainbow at the end of the world

Only to capture the treasure of blessings before they are martyred

And no one really wants to kill others or see others be killed

So come on, and live for everyone who can’t live anymore

Because even though all I have that is purple is a pencil

I can at least erase the hate

And begin to draw a new beginning

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For a Scholarship

A college experience has given me a second chance at a future. Just two years ago, I barely graduated high school with an interest in joining the military. I didn’t have the funds to go to a good college. Instead of the military, I took two years off to do community service. As I tutored elementary students I learned a college education is just as important as passing the 3rd grade. It wouldn’t make sense for me to teach students how to read if I wasn’t doing the same. I have been in school for about 3 weeks. It has been one of my best decisions. I am officially happy and content with where my life is headed. I’m following my dream of being an Architectural-Engineer. I’m not only doing this for my students, but also for my biological, adopted and U of D Mercy family.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saving, SuperMan

Have you ever wanted to save someone? Just help them out cause you saw them hurt. Well, yesterday, (yes, I'm a day late), I wanted to help somebody out. She's real pretty and it just seems like she's been going through a lot. I'd like to help her out but I know I can't. Anyways, I wrote this song yesterday. I hope one day you'll find someone. . .

I wish I could be your superman / but I know you're tired of people trying / so I'll leave it up to you / my hand is at your reach / just know when to grab on / cause I don't want to see you fall / let's spring up / and bring summer on your smile / I just want you to be happy /

I see you sitting, chillin’ /

With a gleam in your eyes /

Diamonds in disguise /

I know you wanna cry/

How do I know? /

Cause I rely on my senses /

To show me you’re tense and /

I want you to relax /

Subtract the last guy /

Let go of past tries /

You might just find /

True lines need no trust /

Since lust is lost /

In the history of misery /

Life’s a mystery /

I wish I could be your superman / but I know you're tired of people trying / so I'll leave it up to you / my hand is at your reach / just know when to grab on / cause I don't want to see you fall / let's spring up / and bring summer on your smile / I just want you to be happy /

I remember the day I met you /

You had a set dude /

But it became a set fuel /

With feuds to fuse hate /

You replaced love with weight /

Time to unwind and let free /

Release the tension you mentioned /

To your friends about a future /

One never ending mutual /

But arguments absent /

Of the love once made

You’re stuck on what’s to fade /

But that comes with trade /

A new face of faith so great /

I wish I could be your superman / but I know you're tired of people trying / so I'll leave it up to you / my hand is at your reach / just know when to grab on / cause I don't want to see you fall / let's spring up / and bring summer on your smile / I just want you to be happy /

Trials do come by /

but I wanna see you fly /

see you lie on the clouds /

relaxed, so sound /

nothing profound, just calm /

stand on my palms /

reach for the God /

love with no facades /

add laugh to pass /

on the cruise to truth /

I know it never set you free /

So be imperative to words /

Relative to gold /

Uphold you soul /

Strive for your goals /

and love some more

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vis. Comm.

So this is exciting. My teacher is from Poland. We call her J.Z., yea, like the Rapper only better. She called me a minimalist cause I draw so small. Haha. I really like this class. She says some funny things and I learn a lot. For homework I had to make a cube out of wood. I'm currently drawing two point perspectives. It's actually really fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoy drawing. I remember doing this in High School.

Twice as Much Work is Twice as Much Better

So, I've been having a difficult time adjusting to this thing called school. I'm so hard on myself, like a perfectionist. I have been worried about grades and getting things done. Well, yesterday my mother dropped me off at school. I had a talk with her. Lately I've been having talks with other people and they've been helping me out. I have a very supportive group and I am happy to have them around. Here's my tip to you,

Sometimes when things aren't going right, you just have to keep pushing on. You know why? Well, because you love what you do. Don't let anyone tell you to stop doing that. It is your life and you must live it up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Post For College

So I was told, or suggested, to keep a journal of my college career. My grandfather said this would be a good idea, so I know how far I've come and to take in to account the days that go by in my schooling and growth. I've been thinking about it for a while and after so many days of being lazy I've decided to write about my experience through this Blog. So check it out daily, if you want to. I do come across some good stories. Thanks for your support and your time.



Monday, September 20, 2010


Another death,
I'm left less
So unrighteous
My stress
Please caress
So righteous
Unlike lifeless
My rest
My chest
I confess
I'm less
I want more
Out the door
Stop the sore
Open the core
Shallow shore
Praise to the lord
I'm trying to score
So I'll go fast forward and rose. . . .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A While

So it's been a while
and while it's been so long
I still have the words.

It's amazing
It's the Grace in God

So true, I knew
it long ago
but now my self goes
out into the world and speaks

I speak to be spoken to
And I listen to those who listen

I am a mastermind
and always will be
God's grace

Thursday, March 25, 2010


How can the best thing to ever happen to you also be mistaken as a curse.? You should reevaluate your ideology.. Erase whatever lies have been fed & begin the journey to truth. Undo all the confusion that caused you to believe that a force so beautiful, powerful(without the corruption), eye-opening, mystical, & passionate, is anything but.. Open your eyes, you've been lied to.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Trauma from our pasts doesn't have to drive our future, and we don't have to be free of all our aching memories, all our fears and inner conflicts, to be at peace & move forward. Gaining insight into what holds us back is the first step.

Food For Thought

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Monday, March 1, 2010

I wonder

I walk on this earth, hoping for happiness, when others just look for another tomorrow.

I'm blessed and I wont rest until I'm done living.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010


Sometimes I wish someone could save me.

I get tired of being Superman.

But someone's gotta do it.

And it is up to me to help change the world.

It's my task.

And I'll carry the world.

Cause I know I'm being carried by angels.

And I thank you.

Yours In Service.