Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living Contradiction

There's this time in everyone's life where they wonder what they're doing in this life of theirs. How long will you survive? When will you? Once your destiny is fulfilled will you leave this earth? These questions are all in your past. Your destiny is to live. To be. To enjoy. Not in your memories of being first born but in your life changing, life saving memories. The memories that stay from an earlier after-life and will continue in your own after-life. It is like a tip handed down generation after generation. Something to help you along the way but in the end it is simple. You can have this information but all the help you really need is in your heart. As long as that continues your body will continue. Your thoughts will live. But you gotta learn to let go of your past, because moving on is better than going backwards or standing still. And that means focusing on right NOW.