Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wear Purple 10/20/2010

I apologize, all I have for purple today

Is a pencil

And I wish I could sketch your dreams

Build people’s reality into accepting more than just colors

They say purple is royalty

They say purple is for the spirit

Rainbows just color the sky when it’s rained enough to wash away pain

I know our president is black

But still people’s minds are in gray scale

Can’t you tell between darkness and freedom?

Or have we been enslaved again?

Only this time, there are no color lines

Just a crooked line trying to live in a world of straights

But that’s because lines were never made to connect

Unless you make a box and you see how easy it is to lose focus

Circle your eyes, I mean, really

Encircle your eyes in the truth so you can stop seeing bullshit

Decipher or cipher your scrambled thoughts

That have never quite cracked perfectly

Because how can you get built up by an army of hatred

So here’s my haiku answer;

Some do not believe

But every day is yours

And you will survive

You’ll never die as long as your heart holds love

And I love you, even if no one else does

Because just like you I’m a minority




Architectural Engineer

And so on

So you see, we’re all the same

We all have our own language and realize religion is just praising GOD

And a family can be borrowed, especially if you’ve never had one

A house is just the home where your heart lives

Now if only everyone knew Knew that if you just accept the color purple

You can see the rainbow at the end of the world

Only to capture the treasure of blessings before they are martyred

And no one really wants to kill others or see others be killed

So come on, and live for everyone who can’t live anymore

Because even though all I have that is purple is a pencil

I can at least erase the hate

And begin to draw a new beginning

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